Oviedo is one of the cities most chosen by the gastronomic tourists. Good to eat and good culture they do of Oviedo the perfect destination.

These days we have seen in the press something that in the Hotel Nature Oviedo exists we knew. We are one famous ciudad not only for the museums, the pre-romanesque one and the season of opera. Oviedo is visited also by his gastronomic offer which very soon there will join a new restaurant of the Group Nature.

As the agenda reports Europa Press Oviedo, Barcelona and Madrid are the cities most chosen by the Spanish as gastronomic destinations with 44 %, 41 % and 39 %, respectively, according to the information provided by the travel agency 'online' 

They they follow closely in ' ranking'Santiago of Her Compost (37 %), Bilbao (36 %), San Sebastian (35 %) and Valencia (34 %). They close ' Top10 ' Seville (31 %), Vigo (26 %) and Granada (22 %). " It likes to venture the Spanish tourist in the kitchen, for what is thrown to exploring little known places providing that it has good reviews, in 94 % of the cases ", has indicated the director of, Fabrizio Giulio, on the information of the study.

Worldwide, which accumulate a major gastronomic interest are Rome (51 %), and later, Paris (43 %), Tokyo (40 %), New York (27 %) and Venice (24 %). For your part, the most claimed plates are the tortilla of potatoes (66 %), the Valencian paella (59 %), the octopus to the Galician (46 %), the croquettes (32 %) and the Asturian fabada (31 %). They complete the list the gazpacho, the stew of Madrid, the cod to the pilpil and the small squids in his ink.

The travel agency 'online' emphasizes that 50 % of the Spanish bore the culinary offer in mind before reserving in the destination. In addition, 55 % of the travelers prefirió wide offer of restaurants to lodge at zones with one and, up to 30 % has affirmed that it repeated destination thanks to the kitchen. The sample has been done by opinions of 14.000 travelers, of whom 1.000 were Spanish. Good news for the hotels of Asturias and more in I make concrete hotels of Oviedo that as the Nature Oviedo are ready to shelter the siestas of the most succulent shown restraint...